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Their Voices

SAMANSA maintains a close relationship with film creators. We have direct contracts with creators from around the world, engaging in the unusual practice within the short film industry of ensuring that the filmmakers are compensated for their work.

Doug Roland

Doug Roland
(Feeling Through)

It's such a pleasure to have 3 of my films on such a wonderful platform and get to share them with so many other people in the world. I'm just trilled to be a part of the platform, hope you been enjoying it and if you have seen those films yet make sure to check them out.

Jeannie Donohoe (ゲーム)

Jeannie Donohoe

We're thrilled that our story has reached viewers around the globe. GAME has had a terrific experience with Samansa, and we see so much potential in the platform!

Emmanuel Tenenbaum(フリー・フォール)

Emmanuel Tenenbaum
(Free Fall)

Short films are amazing and consumed widely by the audience, but the makers usually cannot earn a living from it, so it is great that the folks at Samantha are finding a way to change this, and to make the industry healthy and sustainable.

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