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Epic Stories in a Flash

Brief Narratives, Monumental Echoes

10 minute trip


The cinematic experience we aim for is one where our customers can enjoy films

as casually as they choose clothes in their daily life, or listen to music.

The charm of short films lies in their ability to convey simple yet concentrated ideas, stories,

and emotions within a brief and limited timeframe.

Short films represent a new medium, capable of delivering the same emotional impact

and lingering feelings as feature-length films.

In our busy daily lives, the act of 'watching a movie' can seem simple yet is often challenging.

The films distributed on SAMANSA average 10-15 minutes in length. They offer a special experience

where you can gain the excitement of seeing landscapes you've never seen, learning about unfamiliar cultures,

and hearing stories you've never experienced, all within 10 minutes.

Short Films

About New Media 

Short films refer to movies that are less than 45 minutes in length.

In an era where two-hour films are the norm, the world is still brimming with beautiful and moving short stories.

Sometimes, these stories can have an impact that exceeds that of two-hour movies.

SAMANSA has embarked on distributing short films with the dream of bringing such valuable stories to audiences worldwide.


Their Voices

SAMANSA maintains a close relationship with film creators.

We have direct contracts with creators from around the world, engaging in the unusual practice

within the short film industry of ensuring that the filmmakers are compensated for their work."









4月19日から6月30日にわたり、新生テアトル梅田「シアター・イン・シアター」にて映画館での新体験を提案 1作品、約3~29分のショート映画を配信している株式会社SAMANSA(本社:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役 岩永祐一、共同代表...


初のオリジナル作品試写会「READY FOR SSTRUCK」を開催!


合計6作品のショート映画を約2時間に渡って放映し、豊かな映画体験を提供 2024年4月2日渋谷某所で開催されたオリジナル作品試写会イベント「READY FOR SSTRUCK(レディ・フォー・ストラック)」にて、株式会社SAMANSAが新たに立ち上げたクリエイティブレーベル...


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Work Submission

Seeking For New Vision, New Idea, and New Story

We are always searching for new creators, works, and scripts from all over the world. Selected works will be streamed and showcased on SAMANSA. Would you like to distribute your short film on SAMANSA?

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